Since 1933 MIYAWAKI develops and manufactures high-quality equipment for a wide range of steam and condensate lines.

Dr. Trap Jr. PM15

Steam Traps are used in many plants around the world to prevent steam from being wasted. The number of steam traps in only one big refinery reaches several thousands of them. Such an enormous amount of steam traps underlines the necessity for the manufacturer of steam traps to produce a high quality product with a long lifetime.

But it also underlines the responsibility of the end-user to have a well organized steam trap maintenance and survey program to replace defect steam traps in time in order to reduce the total steam consumption, related financial losses and the pollution of the atmosphere with CO2.

MIYAWAKI accumulated over several decades an enormous knowledge and experience on how to survey steam traps in a plant. Its latest research activities resulted in the development of the handy and easy to use Dr. Trap Jr. called PM 15. Designed for a quick assessement of the current conditions, especially for small and medium trap populations, the toolset is composed of an analyser with basic functionality and an extensive software to manage the results.

"Dr. Trap Jr." consists of:

1. PM11 Steam Trap Ultrasonic Checker

for measuring the vibration and temperature of each trap.

  1. The checker displays vibration and temperature at the same time;
  2. One-key operation for all functions;
  3. Long battery life - 40 hours or more of continuous use. Automatical shuts off the power after 5 minutes of idle time;
  4. As additional function the checker includes a stop watch. Useful for monitoring the periodic characteristics of vibrations;
  5. The checker estimates and displays the saturated steam pressure corresponding to the temperature measured.Useful for testing not only steam traps, but also steam valves and pipes;
  6. Compact, light weight and easy to carry.

2. Software SurveyPro Light PM150

for evaluating steam leaks and calculating steam loss and the monetary loss immediately after entering the vibration values for each trap into the software.The software displays a defective trap list, an analysis summary and related graphs. It will also display a history graph, including past survey results, so that the effects of periodic surveys can be seen quickly.