Since 1933 MIYAWAKI develops and manufactures high-quality equipment for a wide range of steam and condensate lines.


Steam Traps are used in many plants around the world to prevent steam from being wasted. The number of steam traps in only one big refinery reaches several thousands of them. Such an enormous amount of steam traps underlines the necessity for the manufacturer of steam traps to produce a high quality product with a long lifetime.

But it also underlines the responsibility of the end-user to have a well organized steam trap maintenance and survey program to replace defect steam traps in time in order to reduce the total steam consumption, related financial losses and the pollution of the atmosphere with CO2.

MIYAWAKI accumulated over several decades an enormous knowledge and experience on how to survey steam traps in a plant. Its latest research activities resulted in the development of the new "Steam Trap Management System", called PM500.


Dr. Trap PM500 - Steam Trap Management System -
consists of the following parts:

Checker (PM520)
Trap Survey App (PM510)

The checker PM520 detects the vibration and temperature in steam traps at the same time. The survey data will be transferred to the Trap Survey App PM510 installed on a tablet (which must be prepared by the customer).

Software SurveyPro 4.0 (PM530)

The software SurveyPro 4.0 will be installed on a personal computer. It aggregates and analyses steam trap data from the Trap Survey App, identifying faulty steam traps, providing steam loss and financial loss data and many other possibilities to manage steam traps. The software will be supplied as Standard and Special versions.
For more details see our catalogue data and contact our regional office.

Special Features

  • High Speed Diagnosis. Each steam trap can be surveyed in not more than 10 seconds.
  • Improved survey accuracy. The holding mechanism of the probe tip ensures a pressing force, which reduces the discrepancy of survey results substantially.
  • Simple operation. The checker is ergonomic shaped to handle and operate with one hand. The survey will start automatically by simply pressing down the probe on the trap with minimum force.  
  • Usable For High Temperature Applications. The checker can be used to test any steam trap at a wide range of pressures and at temperatures up to 400 °C (752 °F).
  • Improved durability. The checker complies with the requirements of IEC 60529 (Dust and water protection IP34) and IEC 60068-2-31 (Drop test).
  • Estimation of CO2 emissions. The software can estimate CO2 emissions based on steam trap leakage amounts.